Q: What kind of artwork should I send with my order?

A: In most cases, vector art is the best to send us. File extensions that support vector art include .ai, .eps, .svg and .pdf. We are able to work with most anything though, even hand-drawn sketches. There may be art fees associated with converting artwork into usable files.  If you are sending a photo for reproduction on a banner or sign, the file will need to be high quality.  The usability will be assessed by our art dept., and will depend on the size of the final product.

Q: Is there always a fee for you to create a design for me?

A: The first hour of artwork is free. (Note that some small orders may not be eligible for free art.) Some designs may require more time, and would require an additional art fee of $25-$50. Embroidery, regardless of quantity, requires a digitizing fee for new logos. Digitizing fees are usually $25-$50. Once we have digitized your logo, we won’t ever need to charge that fee again for re-orders.

Q: Can I see my design before I place my order?

A: If you would like to schedule design work before placing an order and you are a prepay customer, we require a non-refundable deposit for artwork. The art fee is usually either $25 or $50 depending on the project. Once the artwork is approved and the order is placed, the deposit is applied toward the total cost of the order. If you approved credit terms we don’t charge a fee up front, but if you don’t use the artwork for an order you will be charged an art fee ($25-$50) to compensate for our artists’ time.

Q: What if I want a mockup before I place my order? Will I still see a proof before you print?

A: Once you place your order, we begin working on your artwork. If the design is new, we will send a digital proof, you are able to make any changes you’d like, and we do not print without your full approval. We rarely print one item first as a sample, as our digital proofs are highly accurate.

Q: Can you print me a sample shirt?

A: Generally, we do not print individual sample shirts. The customer would be responsible for the set-up costs of printing only one shirt. With new artwork, we always send a digital proof, however, which are highly accurate.

Q: Can I get the same design printed on different color shirt?

A: Yes, as long as your design stays the same color, size and location, there are no additional fees to change the colors of the garments.

Q: Can I get the same design in different ink colors on my garments?

A: Yes, we can change the ink color(s) of the design as many times as you would like, but there is a $10 ink change fee per screen and each time we change the color.

Q: Can I get the same design printed on different kinds of sizes of garments, like hoodies and t-shirts, or Youth and Adult?

A: Yes, as long as the setup is the same for us, there is no extra charge for this. Pants and shirts would have different setups, but a Front and Back of a shirt would most likely be the same.

Something to keep in mind is that we are only set up to print one size of the artwork, so for Youth and Adult shirts, we would have to print a size of the design that fits on all garments. You can make different sizes of the art for Youth and Adult, but you would be charged $20 per screen for the extra setup. This may also apply to pocket hoodies.