Engraved Awards and Trophies

ProPrintsGear has an expanded area for custom trophies and engraving. Trophies are built in-house and engraved to reflect the recognition message.

Our laser engraver can burn intricate images and names into wood plaques, bronze plates, acrylics, and a variety of other host materials. These items can be used for conferring awards or recognition, or even just a personalized gift.

Our rotary engraver is a new addition that will enable us to engrave a larger variety of materials to meet customer’s needs.

Visit our show room to preview samples we have on display, or visit our partners sites below to see the many options available. Whether you are looking to recognize your hard-working employees or celebrate your little leaguers, we are able to design and provide the best solution for you.

Click on the following links to preview many of our award offerings.  The sites all work a little differently, Tropar will provide retail pricing, and they all will provide a vast array of options for your needs.  All of the items will be brought in, customized and/or assembled in our shop to your specifications.


Trophies on Showroom Wall  Small Trophies 6-8 005