Policies Quick Reference

Policies Quick Reference

Lead Times:

  • 2 weeks is standard
  • Some specialty orders may take longer
  • EPEX program is exception for small orders with quick turnaround


  • Communicate any event dates or deadlines

Providing shirt sizes late:

  • We can receive sizes up to 4 days before completion with most items.
  • This is provided the art is approved and the production is already on the schedule.

Quick Turnaround:

  • At request
  • Must be approved by production for fit in schedule

Rush Fees:

  • 5 days or less for screen print.
  • 3 days or less for other order types.
  • Fee starts at $20.00 but can be higher based on urgency and size of order.
  • Applies to EPEX orders only when schedule is full.

Samples and size runs:

  • Customers without approved credit terms must pay for blank garments in advance.
  • Terms customers may also need to pay for vendor shipping fees in advance.
  • Samples must be returned or used within 30 days.
  • Re-stocking and fees may apply on returns.
  • Any pre-paid amount will be applied to the production order.

Art Only:

  • $25.00 min fee
  • Must be pre-paid for new customers, can be waived for repeat customers in good standing.
  • Fee will be applied as a credit to production orders.

Add-ons for screen print:

  • There is a $10.00 add-on fee for press setup.
  • Can be purchased within 2 weeks at same price if screens are still available.
  • ONE TIME ONLY at this rate.

Order Confirmations:

  • Confirmations will be sent out for review but do not require approval to proceed.
  • If artwork is a reorder, the design information will be included for verification.

Art Approvals:

  • Art proofs are generated for new designs, exception is EPEX.
  • Art approvals should be answered promptly or orders may be delayed.
  • Art proofs can be waived at customers risk – to help speed process.
  • Reorders will not generate an art approval.

EPEX orders:

  • Special program for small orders.
  • Contact a customer service representative to find out if your order qualifies.