Web Store Success

Your part is small and easy, but important!

  • Product Choices: Let us help you choose items that are readily available from our suppliers. Some brands can have stock issues, causing us issues in getting your items out to you in a timely manner. Use our experience to help guide you.
  • Less is More: Fewer items on a site will be more successful. In our experience this is true, more items can create confusion and indecisiveness.
  • Communication: Marketing your website is crucial. The more you can generate interest and buzz about your site, the better. Talk about it, build it up…especially important if you are using it as a fundraiser. See our tips below or give us a call.
  • Involvement: Get your team involved. Consider an incentive contest among players, team-members, students, group members. Make it fun!

Tips for marketing your site:

  • Email: We recommend that you set up a group email contact list. Send out the initial site link, along with the site details and purpose.
  • Social Media: Facebook is a great tool for getting the word out. We can help with this and other social network apps.
  • Reminders: Send out reminders to your group every few days, using the same contact list and information.
  • Easily accessible links: Use your website. If your company or team already has a website, create a link to the store for easy access.